Adventure. Romance. Seating Arrangements.

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"remarkably charming" - PC Gamer "oiled to perfection" - Eurogamer 5 out of 5 - Touch Arcade "cute, quirky and entertaining" - Kotaku "slick...absolutely buy" - IGN "hits the nail on the head" - G4TV "a remarkably smart game" - Edge "an absolute giggle to play" - ABC News

Girls Like Robots is a puzzle game about seating arrangements, wrapped around an epic tale of love and danger!

Make friends and break hearts while saving the world and bouncing along to an authentic, old-time, string band soundtrack!

"Logic puzzles have never been so cute, quirky and entertaining." - Kotaku
"Ingenious, fresh and smartly designed, Girls Like Robots has been oiled to perfection." - Eurogamer
#13 in "The Best iPhone and iPad Games of 2012" - Metacritic
"A slick puzzler...absolutely buy" - IGN