Water Volume
Advanced Buoyancy Plugin for Unity

Water Volume: Advanced Buoyancy makes things float. It's multithreaded and memory efficient. Objects in the water need no special configuration, just a collider and a rigidbody. Drop in water volume and an optional animated mesh and you've added some real candy to your game.

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  • Adjustable buoyancy
  • Adjustable viscosity (drag)
  • Can use multiple meshes or multiple skinned meshes for animated surfaces. (CPU vertex displacement only, not GPU)
  • Subscribable events for entering and exiting the water
  • Surface meshes can be added and removed from the simliation at runtime
  • Buoyancy and drag affect only the underwater parts of objects
  • Surface area and rotation aware viscosity
  • Optional directional "flow" force
  • Multithreaded
  • Can activate/deactivate floating items based on the distance from an observer
  • Exposes per floating item information like distance to surface and underwater center
  • Items can be tracked in the water but not affected. For tracking how deep items are without floating them.


Just drop in and float or dive deeper


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